SET-Plan Implementation Working Group 4 - 2nd Symposium on Interoperability + Data spaces

Thu, 6 June, 2024, 9:00 - 16:30 (CET)
TCC Trieste Convention Center, Trieste, Italy

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Interoperability is a key factor in digitalisation. Harmonised technical standards are essential for cost-effective system integration. Join us for an insightful exploration into interoperability testing and innovations in digitalisation. This event provides a platform for industry experts, researchers, and policy makers to exchange ideas, engage in discussions, and shape the future of energy.

Date: June 6th 2024, 09:00 – 16:30 CET

Location: TCC Trieste Convention Center, Italy

What to expect?

Cross-Sector Collaboration: This year, we are collaborating with the IHE Connectathon 2024[1], organized by "Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise" (IHE[2]), a global healthcare initiative. This cross-sector collaboration draws inspiration from the successful implementation of interoperability in the health sector and applies it to digitalisation across industries.

What's on the Agenda?

Symposium: Have a look at the efforts for interoperability of data spaces in different sectors and for the energy sector in Europe, and see the opportunities of interoperability testing.

Test floor visit: Get an exclusive glimpse of the spirit and results of the interoperability test events, which are aimed at participants from different backgrounds.

Networking Reception: Make valuable connections with other thought leaders, executives and innovators from a variety of sectors.

Who is organizing it?

The European Collaboration Network for Interoperability Testing is a lighthouse activity, of ERA Net EnerDigit[3]and the CETP – Clean Energy Transition Partnership[4], aiming to establish a forum for information and knowledge exchange about interoperability and its testing.

The European Project int:net[5] has the objective of building an interoperability community. Our common vision is to accelerate digitalisation processes in the energy sector on a European level through cross-sector collaboration of experts.

For more information about interoperability test events, refer to the IHE-Europe Whitepaper on Connectathon[6]. Learn more about achieving interoperable solutions through our explanatory video[7].

More information and the agenda can be found here.