FlexOffer Specification Webinar

Tue, 28 May, 2024, 9:00 - 11:00 (CET)

The FlexOffer User Group

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Would you like to know how flexible devices can be made interoperable through the 1st release of the FlexOffer specification? Then you should join this webinar!

Following the release of the 1st version of the FlexOffer specification, the FlexOffer User Group is organizing a webinar to further explain and discuss the objectives and benefits of this solution based on testimonials from end-users. How can a format and protocol offer so much potential? Join, learn, and become a part of the solution! 


The FlexOffer is a format and a protocol to describe energy flexibility which can be aggregated and exchanged across a wide range of actors and markets. It enables electric vehicles, heat pumps, industrial devices, energy storage systems... even energy communities and more, to exchange flexibility at local levels (e.g. DSO & sub-DSO); as well as to trade the aggregated potential of local flexibility in wholesale markets. Does this sound like it fits the hype? Well, it is not limited to this! With its wide array of implementations, the FlexOffer has been a central element in the development of innovative business models for over 10 years. This has led to a design which is scalable, compatible with the EU electricity market model, and capable of untapping the true potential of flexibility through multiple aproaches. Moreover, the FlexOffer is open and free.


We believe that FlexOffers are necessary for flexibility trading to become an accepted and integrated part of an energy system based on decentralized renewables. As the flexibility requirements of the energy system evolve, so does the FlexOffer specification through your participation!


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The webinar's agenda:

 Time  Item Speaker





 Explanation of the FlexOffer:
 - What it is
 - How it works
 - SGAM mapping

 Torben Bach Pedersen &
  Zoran Marinsek


 Introduction to the FlexOffer user group:
 - The group's role
 - Participation benefits

 Dune Sebilleau &
  Olivier Genest


 Testimonial 1

 CEO Marco Krasser,
  SWW Wunsiedel


 Testimonial 2

 CEO Lars Bonderup Bjørn,  EWII and FlexShape


 Testimonial 3

 Ludwig Karg,
  B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH


 Plans for the FlexOffer & the FlexOffer User Group:

 What will happen next?